Criss Wolff is a visual arts creator from Toronto, Ontario. Criss works predominantly in the medium of oil painting as well as drawing/sketching. Colour and three-dimensionality are pivotal feature in Criss’ work. He attempts to find brand new nuances whilst combining existing ones. Criss also challenges the idea of conventional abstract painting by implementing new innovative styles never used before by other painters. Criss uses oil colors, which is not common among abstract painters who work on big-size canvas. Oil colors and the three-dimensionality guarantees a long-lasting quality to the work and comes to justify painter’s labor, efforts and progress throughout time.

In his works Criss experiments with non-traditional materials and also develops unique techniques by combining oil, spray paining and mixed media art methods to give painting a three-dimensional quality.

Often found exploring the coastlines of Europe, Caribbean and Central America, Criss’ primary aesthetic is focused on telling stories and capturing the spirit of the places and people in his work. Finding unique perspectives is something Criss looks for in displaying. Join the adventure!